Seasonal Skin Care - 60 mins

Get our special Darmaquest seasonal skin care available on spring, summer, autumn and Winter at limited edition. The treatment is basically oxygenated with blackberry and apple where a dose of oxygen and minerals are used in order to increase your skin’s defence mechanism. The treatment increases the glow and radiance of your skin.

Hydrating Facial (All Skin Types) - 60mins

If you are feeling that skin has lost its hydration and has become dull, you should opt for this treatment. Perfect for all kinds of skin types, the hydrating hyaluronic acid used in the treatment brings your natural glow and hydration back. The treatment soothes and softens your skin making it supple and beautiful.

Vitamin C Facial - 60mins (Skin brightening, pigmentation)

If you want your skin to glow on a special event, this Vitamin C facial is the right choice for you. The treatment removes all your dark spots, blemishes as well as pigmentation from your skin giving a brightening and lighter look. You also get the anti-ageing benefits of Vitamin C from the treatment.

Acne Facial 60mins (Acne prone skin)

If you are tired of the acne prone skin and it’s after effects, you should opt for this acne facial that is specially designed to reduce the acne marks from your skin. The best part, this treatment also helps you to get rid of the blackheads and breakouts. The treatment follows a deep cleansing procedure which help you clear the skin and let it breathe again.

Stem Cell Facial - 60mins (Mature Skin –an Anti-aging)

The treatment is especially designed for matured skin in order to help them prevent early signs of ageing. The Stem Cell facial helps infuse plant stem cells deep into the skin for maximum results. You can get rid of fine lines and visible signs of ageing with the help of the treatment.