Eye Contour Treatment - 30 Mins

Willing to reduce eye-puffiness and tiredness? Opt for our special Dermologica eye contour treatment. This 30 minute long treatment can help you reduce dark circles around the eyes and puffiness. It makes your eyes feel revitalized, stress free and feel amazing.

Mini Facial- 30 mins

For those who are always on the run, this mini facial service for 30 minutes from us is the best option that you can have. Our mini facial service includes a facial mask that cleanses, tones, exfoliates, and soothes your skin.

Basic Facial – 45 mins

This Basic Facial is perfect for all kinds of skin types and also for all kinds of occasions. If you feel that your skin has become rough and you need something extra for your skin, this treatment can do the wonder for your skin. The facial includes cleansing of your skin, exfoliation, face and neck massages; followed by a perfectly gentle steam. After that, you will be given a face mask and moisturizer to make your skin look amazing.

Deep Cleanse Facial - 45 mins

For ladies out there, who suffer from oily skin, this deep cleansing facial is the best choice. This treatment is a purifying and decongestant treatment, which helps you get rid of the stubborn oil, acne as well as acne scar from your face. We specifically use a deep exfoliating peel in the process which is combined with a steam. This helps your skin to extract the excess oil and impurities out of your skin tone. At the end, we apply an absorbing mask which makes your skin look radiant.

Deluxe Facial - 60 mins

Take your time and give yourself the gift of a perfect skin. Our Deluxe Facial is designed for all skin types that follows a cleansing, exfoliating, steaming and extracting method. The process also includes a soothing and relaxing face and neck massage with the help of special serum and masks.

MediBac Clearing Facial - 60 mins

A beauty treatment from our side specifically designed for an oily, acne prone and congested skin type. We provide an amazing cleansing, exfoliating, steaming and extracting method that helps your skin to get rid of the impurities. The treatment also includes a relaxing massage that consists of a special ampoule in order to purify your skin followed by a decongestant massage. At the end of the day, you get beautiful reviving skin.

Age Smart Facial - 60 mins

We make sure that your skin’s hydration level stays intact and therefore, we have specifically designed this Age Smart Facial, which will improve your skin and reduce the visible signs of aging. The treatment basically cleanses, exfoliates, steams and extracts all the impurities from your skin and makes your skin feel great and look excellent.

Skin Brightening Facial - 60 mins

Get rid of dull complexion, pigmentation and blemishes from your skin with the help of our extravagant skin brightening facial. You will be blessed with a brighter, shinier and softer looking skin after going through this Skin Brightening Facial for 60 minutes. The facial also includes an eye-soothing mask.